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Please Be Advised: This is a review of Learn Forex Live By Hector DeVille

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Unfortunately there are a ton of scammers in the Forex market, and it can be extremely difficult to find out who you can trust, and you should stay away from. On this site Ireview Hector DeVille’s products to help you answer any of the questions you have.

A few years ago I heard about Hector DeVille, when a friend recommended his Hectortrader Forex Course. (link) I bought the course and watched all the videos, but never actually started trading. Hector is a great teacher, and the material in the course was great.

Recently I made a commitment to learn how to trade in Forex, and I found that Hector released a new course called Learn Forex Live. (link) The course is definitely an upgrade to Hectortrader, as it includes 5 price action trading straits and indicators each of which have live examples. Also included in the product are 2 advanced indicators, which alone are worth the price!

I went ahead and purchased the new course. I especially like the “Part Time Trader” strategy, which focuses on large daily movements. I’ve learned that in this market no one really teaches any secrets, Hector teaches proven price action strategies that professional traders use. Hector also teaches how to trade with trend lines, support and resistance, pin bars and other action strategies the pros use. Similar courses in value sell for $2,000 plus, and would be completely worth the price!

Hector’s email support is next to none, and has always been very helpful. Hector DeVille is a professional trader, and practices what he preaches, which in todays day and age in the forex market is quite rare. Hector for a sort time is giving free access to one of the modules of his course, and I recommend you check it out.

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If you go through the Learn Forex Live course, you will be able to apply it to any market, and not just forex. This course should be the only course you need to become a full time trader.

Even if you don’t want to spend the money to buy the course, I recommend you at least check out the free strategies.

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Testimonials By Existing Customers

“Believe me if I say that I’ve been in 7 presencial trading courses, and your Home Study Course is the first course I take where I’m sure that the teacher (you) is indeed a professional trader!”- Jordi Gravi

“I just want to thank you for this great course. It really is the best investment i made in my trading career. I can just say WOW. Your way of teaching is fantastic. You are driving home all the points very well. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.”- Ishac

“He teaches a complete system,including risk management, trade entry, placing stops, finding targets and taking profits. All these concepts are taught with real world trading examples. He shows you which trades worked and which trades did not work.”- Louai

“I must acknowledged that your Forex course is one of the best course I have come across on the net. I am having winning trades anytime i have a setup using S/R trading strategy.”- Abdallah

“Since I put your course in practice I became for the first time profitable after a lot of loses before!”- Erik

“This is where being taught by a real trader makes a huge difference: no fluffy theoretical stuff.”- John

“I was in search for a good forex course, and boy this one has so far exceeded all my expectations. Easy to understand, straight to the point and tested winning strategies.”- Gilberto Santos
“This course has made a massive difference to my trading success. I can now look at a chart and really understand why price moves the way it does.”

“I have tried a number of courses and Hector’s is by far the best. I would recommend this course to everyone, it’s easy to understand and follow, with no bullshit. It can make you a very good trader, if you follow all the rules.”- Dave

“Less that one month later and account size has gone up from 10k to 15.4k now.”- Dominik